August 9, 2011

"Home" - Epilogue

It took me a long time to remember everything that had happened. I was able to tell Adam bits and pieces, but most of it didn’t come back until years later - in my nightmares.

Adam told me everything that had happened to him while I was missing, including how he had seen me that day downtown, and had then realized that I wasn’t in control of what was happening to me. He also told me how he finally noticed us going into the basement one night, and then kept watch until he had figured out a pattern to our movements. How he had purchased a gun, but had to wait for his clearance, and finally how he had found a babysitter for Micah so that he could wait for a good time to make his move.

Micah was glad I was finally home, even if I wasn’t quite as happy as had been.

We moved very soon after. I was afraid the other dogs would try and do something to me, since I knew about them. I never did see another dog like the one who kept me, even though I did feel many times like I was being watched.